Creating a unique brand position. Live Free.

With twenty-four years of prominence in Germany and extension into other European markets, Avira, a leading security software company, decided to go global. In the competitive security marketplace this required brand differentiation, clear visual strategy and fresh thinking. Despite strong domestic revenue growth, proven technology and products, and a 100M-plus user-base around the world, Avira had struggled to translate these assets into a brand that carried significant meaning. The organization had grown 300% in revenue and employee base over the previous 3 years. Its ambitious leadership wanted to capitalize on this opportunity. 

We created a differentiating brand strategy, developed a cohesion in its leadership team, connected the dispersed organization across more than a dozen countries, and updated its entire collateral system and approach to marketing. 

The resulting design direction centered on amplifying both a technical claim and an emotional claim. Internet Freedom became the core message unifying a people-centered approach to the new Avira brand.

Scope of work included:

  • Brand Development

  • Communication Design

  • Product Design

  • UX/UI Design

  • Global Research (11 languages)

  • Brand Strategy

  • Messaging

  • Internal Workshops

  • Video Production

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