Streamlining the Patent Filing Process

TurboPatent Corp. (dba Patent Navigation Inc.) is the creator of TurboPatent®, the first automated, purpose-built, patent application production and prosecution solution for inventors and patent attorneys to create and prosecute patent applications with dramatic efficiency and quality improvements. TurboPatent enables the production of superior legal and associated technical documents at less than half the conventional cost in a large global market ripe for growth.

Just as architects and engineers have CAD software to help them work faster and with greater precision, now patent professionals have TurboPatent to develop and produce patents in less time, more effectively, and with greater consistency.

Cut Production Time in Half

TurboPatent automates the tedious, labor-intensive, and error-prone tasks involved in writing and prosecuting patents, while dramatically reducing patent application errors and rejections.

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Patent applications are time-consuming to create, and, thus expensive. Patents are highly structured documents that must comply with the U.S. Patent Office’s strict requirements. A patent application requires significant time to draft, draw, format, number, collaborate upon, revise, file, and track. Legal firms have not automated the patent process beyond generic tools such as MS Word™ (text) and Visio™ (drawing). General purpose tools are inefficient and thus expensive, often resulting in flawed submissions. Patent attorneys’ effective hourly billing rates are now under great pressure as corporations demand fixed fees. A U.C. Berkeley study indicates that 82% of early stage tech ventures have patentable IP yet, due to cost, only 24% protect it. The 2013 America Invents Act changed U.S. patent rights from a “first-to-invent” to a “first-to-file” system for obtaining a patent application priority date, making it crucial for inventors to file quickly. Unlike other professionals, such as designers who use CAD systems, patent attorneys have had no automated solution.


TurboPatent is the first purpose-built, secure, cloud-based, software platform toolset for attorneys and inventors, specifically designed to automate the patent production and prosecution process. It features a USPTO compliant drawing tool, claims builder and editor, auto-fomatting and numbering, and a data-driven PTO forms generator and fee calculator. TurboPatent is a powerful suite of tools with an interface that is easy to learn and use. PNI’s attorney network has filed hundreds of patents with TurboPatent’s technology.